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Working as an assistant professor at Concordia University’s Simone de Beauvoir Institute since 2019, Nathalie Batraville teaches and conducts research in the areas of Black feminisms, queer theory, Haitian studies, and prison abolition. In doing so, she seeks to generate and illuminate frameworks that challenge both state violence and interpersonal violence. Trained in literary studies, she obtained her PhD from Yale University and also worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Dartmouth College with the Society of Fellows.


Dr. Batraville's scholarship has appeared in scholarly publications such as Small Axe, The Journal of Haitian Studies, The CLR James Journal (Special issue: Black Canadian Thought), and Tangence, in addition to other media sources like Canadian Art, Spirale, and Ricochet.


She is completing her first book, Rethinking the Grammar of Consent: Black Feminist Disruptive Agency, in which she rethinks notions of consent and agency from a Black feminist perspective.


Curator of the Instagram page @black_ceramicists, she also makes ceramic art


Through her ceramics art practice, she explores both abstract forms and storytelling to build community, Black liberation, and rebellion. She grounds these themes in her identity and political commitments as a Black queer woman of Haitian descent. Her artistic practice also offers her a space to express her desire for a world in which Black women and gender non-conforming people enjoy softness, ease, and pleasure. 


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Hanover, May 8, 2018.

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